July Giveaway - Condition Indicators!

This is our first (of many more to come) giveaways! For all our patreons that are a part of us in July, we are going to do a giveaway to help you run your combats!

Condition Indicators designed by thelukec!  These have been seen on actual plays like Critical Role and are a great way to keep track of the chaos of battle!

Stephen will 3D print a dozen of rings, of your choice and color, and ship them out to you with their own handy box!

We will do the drawing on August 1st, and all of our patrons, regardless of their tier, will be entered to win them! Those in our Handsome tier will get one chance in the proverbial hat, our Intelligent tier will get 3 chances and our Handsome & Intelligent tier will get 5 chances in the hat!

Unfortunately, we will have to restrict where we can ship this out to the continental United States, but if you are the winner and live outside that area, we will see what we can do for you!

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