July has past and now it is August and GenCon
Hi Folks. We had a bit of an interesting month here and MM Productions as I got married. I being Chris. With that we still put out a lot of content that you folks helped create.  Here's what we made:

Down with D&D

  • DwD&D#59 – What Does D&D Mean to You
  • DwD&D#58 – What D&D Means to Me
  • DwD&D#57 – Teos Part 2
  • DwD&D#56 – Teos “Alphastream” Abadia

Talking Games Staring Senda & Phil

  • Talking Games Twenty One: Villains
  • Talking Games Twenty: Broken Characters
  • Talking Games Nineteen: Inspiration
  • Talking Games Eighteen: Recruit

The Misdirected Mark Podcast 

  • MMP#218 – Deliberate Practice
  • MMP#217 – Cultures
  • MMP#216 – Damage
  • MMP#215 – Monsters and Adversaries

Even with being in Mexico for a couple of weeks we still managed to get 12 episodes out this past month thanks to the patronage of our amazing patrons. Thank you for your support and if you're not a patron we'd love to have you on board getting in on the shout outs or even the pre-production show notes for the various shows. Now that GenCon is here there might be some GenCon exclusive content for patrons this month because I think you folks are just that awesome.