July JukeShop update
Hi folks.  Well first, again, I need to thank everyone who has become a patron of the JukeShop.   I am planning on posting  a number of photos as soon as I get the shop in order, but wanted to post a little message to show you  how your patronage helped the shop this month.I've just purchased an air filter system for the shop, that will help clear the air of particulates.  Since the JukeShop is both a woodworking and metalworking shop, it's important to keep the dust and shavings under control and also help keep crud out of our lungs.  While we have a dust control system for the woodworking tools like the table saw and router, they don't capture all of the stuff that gets kicked up in the air from all of the grinding, sanding etc. that goes. on.Thanks again and more updates to come soon.-Patrice