hey guys how are ya, i totally missed pride but here's vera taking her gay duties to protect girls very seriously

wow, amazing

-LOOK THERE'S A STANDARD NEWS IMAGE NOW: hes so smug. who does he think he is

-JULY 9TH, 6PM PST: THERE WILL BE A STREAM: it will run until WHENEVER because the last one went so well. i will also try to put this one on youtube if you want it for some god forsaken reason. i will probably be running movies at the same time so show up and hang the HECK out

-I MIGHT DO MORE STREAMS: im lonely and bored and they force me to focus on what im doing. i'll see what i can manage in the next month.

not a lot of news. good. go eat a snack

e: oh yeah, send me a message if you havent received any patreon rewards yet due to you! feel free to kick my butt