July Pet Winners and Baking Stream Dates!
Congrats to Alurielle, Kirstina, Paigge and Penelope! Your pets have been mailed out and should be delivered within about an hour. 

This month we'll be baking Conjured Mana Buns and Bloodberry Tart on stream! (The tart was tied with Cake Pops, I'll do those next month to give me more time to figure out how to even begin to make Cake Pops). 

Conjured Mana Buns will happen on Thursday, July 6th (this week!) at 10AM Pacific. Bloodberry Tart will go down on Thursday, July 18th at 2PM Pacific. 

I'll make a post when I mail out the art packages to Legendary tier Patrons- I have two more pieces to draw then they'll be on their way. 

Thanks again for your support! I can't wait to try and conjure some Mana Buns with you guys this Thursday <3