July Postcards Have Been Mailed
Hello patrons! As a quick followup to yesterday's post about the apology postcards going out, I am relieved to inform you that the overdue July story postcards have been sent out to postcard-tier backers! (I'm becoming very well acquainted with this one particular San Francisco mailbox.) Look for them over the next week.

There are nine different story variants on this round of cards, by far the most complicated bit of threading in the story as designed so far. As a reminder, we are organizing this such that you will always receive a consistent story based on your previous months. You won't get a postcard from a different branch than the one you were already on. (This works retroactively as well, so if you cancel then sign up again later, or do the catch-up tier, you'll still get the correct current-month card based on what your past months would have been.)

We are STILL waiting on the August postcards, which is very frustrating. Stay tuned. And thanks for supporting us!