July Rewards Posted (partially)
Hey everyone! I have the photoset rewards for this month up in your dropboxes! This month's photoset is Enoshima Junko, courtesy of Lost Dumplings Photography and some VK Kanan selfies too.

The fansigns for this month are VK Kanan and I took a few goofy selfies while I was doing fansigns and I want to throw those in for this month's rewards too. I'll be uploading fansigns and Patron videos for $20+ Patrons shortly!

I also threw in a quick preview of one of my pictures in my HanFu photoshoot from a few weeks back for you guys to get a sneak peek at. My $50+ tiers got two extra unedited BTS photos from the hanfu shoot too :)

I hope you'll like this set's rewards! I've been super busy moving into Tokyo lately but Japan has been just lovely so far! As always, don't hesitate to message me here or on Discord (please join the channel!) if you want to chat or just see what Japan has been like for me so far <3

Up Next:

Next month's set will be Pacific Racer Eli and a few Swimsuit Nico pictures as bonus too!