July Rewards
Hello friends! ✨

Finally finished the rewards for July! I'm super happy how they came out ^ v ^ )/

I mentioned I was a little bit ambitious with the postcard art, right? It's because I wanted it to be a little more than the usual portrait with a little scenery I did in the past months... kinda wanted it to have more design and theme stuff, haha... worked on this one for about 2-3 days, I think? AAAA I really hope you guys like it!!! I super enjoyed working on this theme and I think this is my favorite postcard art yet! Hahaha! > w < )

Btw, I'm gonna be focusing more on making the postcard art from now on since that's the main thing I want my Patreon to offer! ✨ I'm planning to make a rewards tier overhaul in the future, maybe once I reach 1 year in Patreon? (...OMGGGG Thank you so much for sticking with me and my art for the last 6 monthssss!! TT A TT )/ ❤️❤️❤️) Please let me know what are the current rewards you appreciate most and if there's any in particular you'd like to receive in the future! ^ 3 ^ ) still have lots of time to think about it, but your suggestions are much appreciated! ❤️

PS. Poll for the August theme is ongoing! It ends August 2nd, so please cast a vote soon as you can! ✨