Hi team! A new month brings a new round of goodies. Here's what's new in backer rewards this month:

All Backers

-The poll to pick this month's two bonus art pieces is now live!  Just log in and view the post prior to this one to vote!

S&F EXTRA Backers

A new 30+ page issue was released on Monday! This one chronicles:

-a giant Underground "skyline" commission

-a new pin-up

-the genesis of the "Is It Food" corgi comic

-and of course, the making of both of last month's bonus pieces!

Also included: cats, Doctor Strange, and some other fun stuff. Enjoy!

Art Vault Backers

The 1200+ file Art Vault has been updated yet again! New additions include:

-new con sketches

-new pin-up stuff

-a look at a cancelled side project

-Plus, as always, the hi res versions of everything in EXTRA and the full layered PSDs of last month's bonus art pieces.

You'll find the links to this month's poll (as well as the latest issue of EXTRA and the Art Vault link if you're backing at either of those levels) in my activity feed, just below this post. (Just log in to see 'em!)

Thanks for another month of support, friends. I hope you enjoyed last month's bonuses pieces: Fuzzy as the Doctor(s), and Firefly's Captain Mal Reynolds. (And I hope you'll forgive the terrible, terrible "big damn heroes" pun that I used as the basis of the Captain Mal bonus piece. Because I'M NOT SORRY!)

-Sam Logan