July Rewards + in the Works
What's in the works for July's Patrons: I've been working hard at breaking down my work process and got as far as writing the overview of how this writing thing works for me, and explaining how to capture the raw idea for the book while revealing Awakening: Prodigy's raw concept stage. I take it one step further to explain what got changed, moved, or flat out removed. Patrons for this month will receive links to the shared folders where they can access the PDFs. Also in the works: I'm slowly filling up a 80 page drawing book with concept art and doodles. When the book is full, I will be offering up the book as a prize for a draw for my Hunter Tier supporters. After A/B testing with the promo audio file I received from the talent, it looks like I'll have to do the audio myself. The guy did a great job, it's just that the audience doesn't seem to care for his voice; something about a French Canadian accent.