July state of the Patreon!
Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well and enjoying your summer!

I've got LOTS of good news heading into July, so let's start this out with some optimism - in the COMPLETE opposite of last month, haha! I am still on the mend, but doing much, MUCH better. I can sit up at the computer for a normal drawing-work day, which means a couple really great things, that I will break down by tier...

For $1+ donators: I'm working on Harlowe Vanished pages, which will be getting posted over this next week... b-b-b-but that's not all!! I have decided for chapter 2 that I'm gonna be moving to a WEEKLY UPDATE SCHEDULE, which means you are going to get MORE pages, MORE regularly, and WAY WAY earlier than anyone else! I'm gonna be taking time to build a buffer that will be at least six weeks before I begin posting, but my patrons don't have to wait for a buffer... you get it when it's done! I'm also going to begin regular process videos again, so stay tuned - and if you have a preference for inking or coloring, lemme know!

For $3+ donators: I'm gonna be putting up a new poll this evening for this month's bonus comic suggestions!

For $10+ donators: I am resuming streams!! YAY! Not just that, but I feel so bad about missing last month, I'm gonna do a bonus one for requesters, and may even stream some comic inks or colors, exclusively for you... if it seems like you'd be interested, of course. :]

For $20+ donators: Rewards will continue as usual, but I did wanna put it out there for anyone at $10 or below, that I have a $20 slot open! These are RARELY available, so if you think you'd like to upgrade and guarantee yourself a monthly inked and flat-colored single character drawing... well... do it up!

Other than that, well... I think that about does it! I appreciate all of your support through the lean output of June more than I can say, I really, REALLY needed that time to recuperate and get back to speed. It was well spent, because I am feeling really good, and mostly just excited to make more stuff!

As always, if you have any questions or comments or suggestions, please lemme know, and I'd be happy to reply or take it into consideration! ♥