July To Do List:
Hey guys! The first of the month is always super busy for me and since I have just finished the dwarf portraits I thought I would let you in on what I'm workin' on while you wait.

1) Zozo's Portrait- Yay! Another dwarf! You just thought it was over.  Nope! this is the year of the dwarves! This one is from The Resonant though and he will be this year's button design as well as this month's postcard. Pretty sure I won't be doin' next year where I wait until the anniversary to do the button. Gonna put that as the first thing to do in January or last thing in December.

2) Tomorrow I'm havin' a meet-up with Starry (either online or in person, TBD) to get the dwarves off to print. Big thanks to her for helpin' me out with these prints. They are gonna be super special thanks to her.

3) Next week I'm goin' to visit patron Kathy-girl who has flown in from Middle Earth (New Zealand).  We've already planned a trip to the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa, so expect more museum sketches.  Also, I am quite a bit behind on her patron rewards... ^_^;; So I will be gettin' with her to discuss which couples she wants to see drawn and talk about poses and what have you.  Will get that mapped out for the rest of the year which means around 14 couple sketches in the works!

4) I will be alternating the above with Aalyve's rewards as she is the one choosing the order of dwarves and I still have their gestures to do. 

This is more of an ongoing to do list as I am positive this will take much more than just July to accomplish. 

Additionally, I have made some changes to my Patreon campaign and just wanted y'all to be aware.  The milestone goals have been rearranged just a bit to put all art costs first. 

You might have noticed that Artist Alley is now the $100 goal. I felt it was an extension of the research trip in a way and needed to follow. Also the $150 goal is now for charms/posters as I really want to be able to give back to my patrons a little bonus reward for your ongoing pledge. It is now limited to the first 100 patrons. I want it to be exclusive to you guys who are supporting me early on in this thing. <3

The $200 goal is for an Artist Spotlight. This is like the current Saturday Artist Spotlights for commissioned and gift work I've been doin'.  This goal will expose you to different artists and styles while still getting to see The Resonant characters.  This is a way to help support other artists and I find it particularly inspiring.

The NSFW tier will now open at $250. Sorry, for those of you who have been waitin' for this one, but I've decided to push it back a little and build up the archive a bit in the meantime so there will be somethin' to see when it does open.

The $15 reward tier is now gone.  I am settin' this one aside for a special limited reward in the future!

I think that covers pretty much everything in the way of updates.  Thanks again for your support!