I think maybe once a month I'll try to share some pictures and a general update about what's going on in the studio. July has been pretty busy since I am still working on the Angel Tarot with Leeza Robertson for Llewellyn and now art shows are coming back this fall. I have also decided to go back to using the grisaille (monochrome underpainting with thin layers or glazes of color over the top) technique instead of painting alla prima (all-at-once, or wet-into-wet). I have too many projects going on at the same time and deadlines too tight to work on things alla prima anymore. I used to think it was faster but if you get interrupted you have a mess to deal with when you come back.

Last week I got 3 of the angel pieces ready for color. I just finished the last grisaille layer last night on the third. Today I am going to glaze a couple Witch's Garden pieces with color. I am also going to work on a coloring page for Patrons this month (Butterfly Garden!).

This is a piece I've been trying to finish since last year. She's one of the deities/spirits you might find in the Witch's Garden - a protector of flora and fauna. She will be the reward image next month.

I've also been ordering stuff for art shows, like more display panels for my booth, prints, stickers, etc. The printer has been making headway on the Ancient Wisdom Oracle Deck as well and sent me some pictures and a video of it coming out of the press. I'll share the video later, but here's a picture in the meantime.

And then of course - we have ducklings and chicks on the estate now. Every morning and every night I clean them and their bedding up, feed them, refill waterers, splash in the pond, and all that good bird-nerd stuff. I can't wait until my ducks are full-grown and I can take breaks to watch them swim in the pond. I have 3 buff ducks, 1 pekin duck, and 5 Cayuga ducks. I'm honestly most excited about the Cayuga ducks. They are beautiful birds when they are fully-feathered.

Right now mine are just awkward little balls of black fuzz, but they grow a lot every day and soon their iridescent green-blue-purple-black feathers will be coming in. I will do my best to get some good reference pictures of them to share with Patrons.

I should probably get back to painting now! I have a lot of work to do before Dragon*Con, which is here in Atlanta and starts on September 2nd!

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