Hey all! I found myself planning out the next few months on my channel, and I'd love to share it :) Every week I want to bring something new. I think it's important to switch it up! In the immediate future we have: -SOULSONG: I have the first song complete. The contracts have been signed, invoices paid, and now I'm just waiting on some thumbnail art, since the series needs a bit of a reboot. -SOULSTORY: I've held off on producing this. Initially because there wasn't enough information, and now because the DLC is coming and will likely invalidate a lot of my theories. However! I've chosen a good topic that can stand on its own, and i'll probably create the first episode in the coming weeks. -SOULS CRITIQUE: There's been a lot of demand for me to be more critical of the Souls series, and I really want to do this - I think it will be refreshing. However, I don't want to make this a negative series. I've put a lot of thought into how i'll design & title this series, and i've finally settled on a structure :) SOULS ANIMATIONS/FILM: This is an area where I don't have much expertise, but I really want to include more talented people in this channel. I spend a lot more time in my Email inbox these days, chasing up artists and forming relationships with people who can bring the quality of the channel up a notch. Many don't work out, and many don't respond - but i'm slowly gathering a group who are reliable and valuable. I wouldn't have the chance to do this if it wasn't for you guys, so thanks for your support this July!