Jumping Kitty Spider
Artwork by HollowHeartlessIzsak (Adalia)  
Spider Kitty species (c) - HollowHeartlessIzsak (Adalia)

I can certainly understand if this gives people mixed feelings, I'm with you on that one. 

A little more about the species itself:
The world they come from is one rather different than ours. The sky is always black but the plants and various species illuminate the world. Weather is much like it is for us, varies depending on location on the planet. There are four large land masses surrounded by thousands of smaller islands, the largest being the size of Russia and China put together while the smallest it the size of Australia. 

There are no limitations on the different types of spider/cat combinations seeing how they must adapt to different habitats. It is not limited to small cats either, you can have tigers, panthers, and lions for example. As for food source, they eat anything from bugs, small mammals, to larger creatures depending on their physical capability. Weaving webs is not in their nature, but they are capable of spitting smaller webs to entangle their prey. Their ability to climb is similar to that of a common spider with the added benefit of claws just in case they start slipping. 

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