A Jumping Point
Here are the beginnings of something great! 

What you see here are future dungeon tiles. Each tile will be 140x140 pixels each. Mix and match your tiles to create an endless variety of dungeons!

This is just the base of the design. More tiles will probably come into play once I begin to play around with them and see what else a Dungeon Master might need to build a dungeon.

Once I come up with a diverse set, I will begin the actual graphic portion of the project. 

Currently, I am working in illustrator for vector flexibility.  In the end, I would like to create 2 versions of this:
1. a cartoon/friendly art style.  The 'friendly' version will most likely be created using Illustrator.
2. a realistic/spooky art style. Eventually I will move into Photoshop for the 'realistic' graphics.

Much work ahead! But very excited to finally sit down and work on this.