Jumping Ship As The Seasons Turn
Happy winter solstice, everyone! I'm excited to announce an array of big changes. Those changes involve jumping ship from Patreon, and migrating to a new model of community support. I'd love it if you read on and followed me where I'm going!

Emerging Designers Mentorship Program

In the new year, I'm going to be offering mentorships to other tabletop game designers, with a focus on marginalized and emerging creators. I posted an application form to twitter last night, and already forty-five applications have rolled in. Woah! There are so many cool ideas and worthwhile projects resting in that spreadsheet already.

Here's a link. Tell your friends about it! I'll start with taking on a couple mentorships, and welcome more on a rolling basis as energy and resources allow.

Goblin Friendship Club

I suppose that brings us to the next exciting thing - I'm migrating to a different model of community support, and I hope you'll cancel yr pledge here and join the Goblin Friendship Club instead. It's a seasonal subscription program to help me sustain a bunch of ongoing projects that I'm really excited about: offering low-income discounts on all my games, establishing the Emerging Designers mentorship program, blogging about play & design, and doing some game design consulting for high-tier supporters.

Check it out, okay? Your support will help things like the Emerging Designers mentorship gig to take off! Click here to learn more.

Dream Askew Playtest Kit

Finally, I'm excited to share with you the most recent playtest kit for Dream Askew, which I continue to develop in dialogue with Benjamin Rosenbaum's game Dream Apart (fantastical stories of the Jewish shtetl!). The playtest kit contains barely a page of rules explanation, so it's not a full game text yet - but it's enough to bring to the table if you're familiar with the play style. I'm working toward releasing a split book of Dream Askew & Dream Apart next year.

Thanks for reading along, everyone! I hope you'll follow me along to the goblin friendship club. Solstices are a powerful time of transformation and change, so I've got my fingers crossed about the future!

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