First off, welcome Fred to our Patreon fold!

Truth be told this is take two at writing this post. I'm currently pinned in my sons bed with him asleep on my shoulder after a pop-up book about Beetles and an Usborne book about Weather. He is conked out but I am still prisoner! It's all good. Here I am with my trusty phone pit patting away. Unfortunately, I pit patted right onto the cancel corner on attempt one so . . . Take 2.

For those who have been keeping up with us here, June has been a wonderful, productive month. We said that we would set aside June to compete all our work on the new record (that we began in Jan 2016, you may recall, and from which sessions Culture War, Stayin Up Late, Lilac Breeze and My Baby Drinks Water came from) and, my gosh, it's working!

It has been incredibly rewarding hearing these recording continue to evolve. No record is ever easy. This one is no exception, especially coming on the heels of Bright As You Can, probably our strongest set of songs to date!

During the course of a session there are always a few tunes that just sound great right away. The pieces / the production / the air just fall right into place. Or maybe 75% into place. And everyone can sorta tell that it's strong. . And then there's the rest of the numbers . . .

This month we've been producing / finishing / massaging a great many songs trapped in their "difficult middle stage" and I'm happy to report that it's working! Songs that were good are now great. And songs that I had considered leaving for dead are becoming some of my favorites! I LOVE WHEN THIS HAPPENS! And of course it only happened (is happening) because we made space for the work to get done. So, yes. Here's to June and here's to sharing more of this music with you in the months to come.

I'm gonna wriggle out from under Willy and go work on another song.