June '16 News #2 - Tiny Tier Tweaks and Undertale

Tiny Tier Tweaks

Very tiny tweaks!!! Icon Credit Tier renamed to Icon Tier for simplicity. And Backstage Tier (all patrons) now have access to a weekly-ish topic poll. The topics will all be of my choice and about 10 to choose from. The top 3 topics at the time of the stream will be completed during the stream: 1st place will be animated, 2nd place will be colored, and 3rd place will be sketched. This is in addition to the Stream Tier streams which are still monthly (until the $500 goal is reached). The first poll will be going up sometime this week, I'll make posts when they go up with a few of the topics in the headers. If they have a theme or whatnot, like all Undertale characters or something~


Still working on the cartoon! In the interest of time I might be doing all the voices. I was hoping to get in contact with Ross and Barry from Game Grumps to have them do Sans and Papyrus, but they must be really busy ^^ I've finished all the backgrounds I need, and animated about half of it currently. I'll be composing a musical score for this one like I did Pony Amie (without the Fleentstones this time).

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