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Thank you so much for the support this month!
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If I don't know you already, even with the thank you message you receive, I still want to say thank you personally and at least talk to you, and answer any questions you might have about me, or what I'm trying to do here! Also, during any videos or livestreams, I will personally thank you again, and tell everyone how cool of a bro you really are. Add me on facebook, talk to me whenever you want, I want to make this as personal and ridiculous as possible for you. I'll also do my best to keep you all in the loop of what I'm currently doing, and answer what questions I can!
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Anytime I livestream games, if you want to hop in with me, I'll always invite as many of you as I can. If it becomes an issue of having a lot of you, I'll just start a list to keep it fair and organized. Feel free to hit me up with questions about Cosplay/gaming at this point too, and I'll always get back to you. If it's something I can't answer personally, I will find the answers for you!
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I'll fly to your house and tickle you for a small fee! Just kidding... maybe.

I will help you personally every week for at least an hour answering questions, directing you to in depth explanations on Cosplay/Gaming, even sit in a skype call and chat about anything you want to know! Obviously, this could become a problem very quickly if enough people want this type of one-on-one interaction, so it will be a limited number of spots. Not going to worry about it right now, but just a future warning!

Also for the time being, if there's only a handful of you, I'll always try to dedicate more time to each of you personally, as a thank you for supporting me at the time you have.

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