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Thank you so much for the support this month!
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Pledge $1 or more per month
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For your generous donation of $1.00 a month, you will have my heartfelt thanks and appreciation. Will I write sonnets in your honor? Shower you with personalized art? Show up outside of your window in the middle of the night? Well, no. (Probably.) But, tell ya what, I will put your name up somewhere on the website listing you as a proud patron! Pretty good deal, eh?
Pledge $5 or more per month
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Why hello there, Money-bags! If you really want to support me with five dollars a month, you'll get a show of my process behind the scenes. This can include notes, storyboards, rough pencils, scripts, character sketches, brainstorming outlines, and maybe even extra comics! This doesn't include just the Mark of the Beast comic, but any of the projects I'm working on! So, be the envy of the schoolyard and get a sneak peek of that comedy/horror novel some random guy on the internet is working on... today!
Pledge $10 or more per month
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I'm starting to think you just may be sweet on me. At this reward tier, you get everything previous tiers get, but also your very own, personal drawing! I love trying to stretch my art skills in varied ways, so each month you can request just about anything and I will give it my damnedest!
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Damn - we're getting serious now! At this level, you get all the previous rewards, plus the smug satisfaction of being a big spender. Congrats!

Oh, you want more? Okay! For twenty-five dollars a month, here is what you will get:
  • All previous rewards
  • PDFs of three comic chapters of your choosing - including a selection of the colorized Mark of the Beast Quickie strips
  • I will go back and colorize the comic page of your choice
  • And you will be written in as a character in the story of your choosing - comic, novel, or whatever. Safety of that character, however, is not guaranteed!
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