June 2016 patron supported
Thank you so much for the support this month!
Tier Benefits
The Tourist
$1 or more per month
You've picked up a quick tour guide map to the RueStars!

Just for being a patron you get access to my Patron/Subscriber only Discord where you can meet other supporters of my art, talk with me one-on-one, get to really know me, and join in on voice chats!

LIVE VOICE CHAT: Every Friday from 3pm to 7pm PST 

Though there might be other days I'm hanging out in voice, this is a specific time patrons can come talk with me every week.

Immortalize yourself or your favorite character: As I am building the world of Kor'Treum, I'm adding a legion of NPCs, rumors, encounters, hooks, businesses, & so much more!  You can be a part of that world or have your favorite characters immortalized forever there. Just send me your character sheets and I'll add you as an NPC on Kor'Treum's World Anvil page! 

You also get exclusive discounts to:

  • My Website: RueInk.com
  • Tabletop Loot
  • Cantrip Candles
  • All Rolled Up
  • The Rook & The Raven
  • and more coming soon!

Holiday & birthday greetings! I love sending handwritten notes and will send you one for your birthday if you share it with me, as well as the holidays!

Includes Discord rewards
The Treasure Hunter
$2 or more per month
You're an adventurer seeking treasure and I have just the map for you!

All the benefits of the previous reward level plus access to all my colored illustrations!  Scroll through numerous illustrations of weapons, tavern signs, creatures, borders, banners, scrolls and more that you can use on your website, PDFs, and more!

Includes Discord rewards
The Scout
$3 or more per month
You've been hired by your party to scout ahead and report back your findings.

All the benefits of the previous reward levels plus access to the textless b&w versions of my maps!  Add your own town names to fit your campaign!

And get access to my textless tavern signs! Add your own tavern names to my designs.

Includes Discord rewards
The Navigator
$5 or more per month
With your trusty compass in hand, you're leading your party to treasure, fame, honor, and glory!  

All the benefits of the previous reward levels plus access to all versions of my colored maps (with & without text as well as any with parchment backgrounds).  Download my colored maps to use in your own campaign, add your own town names, or even print them up as player handouts!

And access my hand-lettered fonts to use with your own creates or to relabel any of my maps you download without labels.

Includes Discord rewards
The Surveyor
$6 or more per month
You're doing the mapping now!

All the benefits of the previous reward levels plus access to my cartography & Copics for cartography classes!  Learn the basics of map making for world building as well as creating something to help form your world better.  Topics include things like understanding scale, different biomes, coming up with names & more.

These classes are made up of videos & articles that you can explore at your leisure. 

Includes Discord rewards
The Master Explorer
$10 or more per month
Braving the wilds with only your compass, a knife, 2 toothpicks, and a keen sense of direction.

All the benefits of the previous reward levels plus...

Creator Access:  Want to use my art for your products?  Get commercial access to all my maps & illustrations (unless specifically stated for non-commercial use) at this level!  

Commerical use: You can use any of my maps & illustrations (unless specifically marked "not for commercial use" or "non-commercial use") for your own handmade products, crafts, books, guides, streaming needs, campaigns, websites, etc.

  • You cannot use them for resale or distribution in any manner as downloads (individually or otherwise), free products, giveaways, contests, or on Print-On-Demand products or websites (such as RedBubble, Society6, etc.).

  • You cannot recreate maps on leather, poster, prints, wood, or any other material to sell specifically as maps or separate products. Please use common sense that you cannot take my art, reproduce it as is and attempt to sell it on your own products.  This includes laser cutting/engraving designs into material.

  • For a full description of commercial use, please see my FAQ post (linked at the bottom of my profile) that is updated on a regular basis.

Attribution is required wherever my artwork is displayed. Commercial use ends when your patronage ends & all products must be removed from any websites or shops.

Includes Discord rewards
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