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Well, Bless Your Soul: You have our undying love and affection for caring enough to dump some of your hard earned pennies into our pockets. Along with that, you’ll get exclusive content and stuff that non-patrons just can’t see! Booyah!
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Immortalized in Audio: Undying Love + a personal shoutout from us on a very special livestream! We yell out your name along with a special message that will be kept on the internet until the end of time.
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Bullcrap Doodles: All of the previous stuff, along with a doodle from Steve! That’s right! He’ll doodle some bullcrap on a piece of paper, personalize it, sign it, and send it straight to you! You get to pretend it’s some sort of amazing artwork when really it’s just some crap drawn by an untalented podcast host that likes to draw! Lucky you!
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EWGraphics...Graphic: Undying Love, a personal shoutout, AND a piece of art from our favorite artists and best, good buddy, Eryck Webb! Eryck will produce one piece of art a month based on a story from our show. You’ll get a 4x6 print each month!
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Whimsyshire: Every single item at lower tiers, and a ridiculously decorated thank you card from Ash! She’ll put her special artsy fartsy touch to this thing just to say thanks for supporting us. ...There will be glitter. In addition to that, we’ll send along some stickers/buttons or other knick-knacks from the show...or Stephen’s closet.
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Executive Producer: You get every darn-tootin’ thing in all the other tiers AND a monthly Google Hangout with Stephen and Ashley to talk over whatever is on your mind! Give us feedback, ask questions, our ears will be yours! That’s a crapton of stuff at this tier. Wow! Your mailbox is gonna be ridiculous 0_0. On top of that, you get a personal shoutout at the end of every single episode!
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