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You now have full autonomy as a small sovereign state! 

In addition to the content here on Patreon, You get to join the exclusive Geography Now Patron Group on Facebook!

PLUS you will get to see some BTS pics when posted

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You just bumped up to NATION status, fully sovereign and expanded borders and resources!

You will get perks 1-5 AND you will get EXTRA bonus features like extra bloopers videos

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Congrats! You've upgraded from a humble state to a vast domain that has expanded overseas and colonized outlying regions!

Perks from 1-10 

PLUS you get to see the ENTIRE GN country episode videos before they air! 

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WHOA! You have now expanded across the continents to the point where the sun never sets on your domain! You are in the ELITE!

Here you get all perks from 1-20 AND Go get to take part in the closed off exclusive LIVESTREAM events with Barbs himself! Q/A? Suggestions for videos? Go for it!

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