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Thank you so much for the support this month!
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We will put your name and a short message on the Esports Express Wall of Support. Yes, we know some of you don't play support and want to go mid, but it's our decision OK??
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You will receive our special Esports Express E-Magazine in PDF format each month. This ESEXEMAG will contain special unreleased articles and behind the scenes commentary. Disclaimer: a lot of the content is a bit more experimental, so please don't be offended or surprised.
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You'll get the ESEXEMAG and we'll write something personal and short for you once you've pledged this for 3 months.

Here are some examples of things we've written for people (taken from our Dota 2 Kickstarter rewards)
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We'll add you to our writers chat and you can see our writing process and talk League with us. We will ask you for feedback on article ideas or other content we do. In general it's a very fun and pleasant environment, and by that we mean we talk about drama all day.
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