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Thank you so much for the support this month!
Tier Benefits
Tier 1 ($1 Chili Dogs)
$1 or more per month 13 patrons
 💠 Welcome to the AmberSkies Army! 💠 

  -Gain Access to my Patreon Feed 

Pledging $1 might not seem like much, but it is very helpful and means the absolute world to me! This shows that you genuinely care about my art and want to play a part in my creation, and I thank you deeply. It all adds up so fast and a dollar together goes a VERY long way.

This is my general level Patreon newsfeed, where you can get a personal look into my wild shenanigans and adventures around the costuming world! This includes behind the scenes silly moments, access to any Amber giveaways, new cosplay plans, life updates, basic construction progress shots, and much more!

You are now an official Chili Dog (courtesy of Sonic the Hedgehog!)

Tier 2 ($5 ISO's)
$5 or more per month 5 patrons
Look at you! 5 Bucks can come in EXTREME handy and allow me to pick up that extra bottle of glue I need, restock one of my paints, or start purchasing canvas for future commissions! THANKS SO DANG MUCH!

All my love from Quorra to you!

Supporters that pledge $5 or more will receive All of the above Level Rewards, PLUS:
  • AmberSkies Cosplay Print Store Coupon Code! (Here's your chance to grab up that art print or two at a big % off!)
  • New product/material reviews! Ever wanted to know what certain sculpting materials, paints, dips/dyes, or foam are like to work with? I'll purchase some and show you a test run before you commit to them yourself!
  • Access to the AmberSkies Exclusive Blog Feed (Here on the Patreon website) with exclusive updates, write ups of Crafting Tips/things to make art life easier, and more!
  • Upcoming appearance/cosplay plans through an early peek at everything I am doing before I ever post it on my public pages. You get to know mah secrets and new ideas first! *shhh* :)
Tier 3 ($10 Snow Titans)
$10 or more per month 6 patrons
Pledging $10 is a HUGE help! I can buy 4 sheets of EVA foam for that to use in more armor building! Just look at how that can make a huge difference! Thank you SO MUCH for your love! :D

From Queen Elsa to you-- CONGRATS! You are now a Snow Titan!

Supporters that pledge $10 or more will receive All of the above Level Rewards, PLUS:

● Access to my EXCLUSIVE Snapchat Feed! Ever wanted to see all of my ridiculous karaoke sessions in the car, hideously grotesque selfies, and photos of my dogs?! How about when I first wake up in the morning and look like death incarnate? Then you're gonna love what's in store!

● ART & COSPLAY 101! Blog posts discussing the process of cosplay creation and online sharing! Do you have a cosplay page of your own? Want to expand? Here I'll discuss everything from budgeting a costume, to design, to gaining the confidence to wear a new ensemble! We'll go over how to moderate a social media page on different platforms, marketing yourself, public demeanor, etc.

● Occasional "oldschool Amber/from the vault" photoshoots of times long past! Here is where you'll get lots of derpy outtakes and retro AmberSkies posts from the earliest of cosplay days!

● Extra Special Photos from my Travelling adventures! Here you'll be able to keep track of my gallivanting around the country through extra content, silly videos, etc.! Wherever I go, I'm taking you with me as my right hand mate! From my late night drives from state to state, to early morning waking up at 4am to begin bodypaint application. You never know where we'll go next!

Tier 4 ($25 Cy-Bugs)
$25 or more per month 7 patrons
Twenty five whole dollars. That's pretty impressive, man. Think about how much cookie dough icecream I could get with that per month?! ;)

I appreciate you SO much. 

You are now an elite member of Sergeant Calhoun's Cy-Bugs!

Supporters that pledge $25 or more will receive All of the above Level Rewards, PLUS:

● Monthly Tutorial -- whether in blog post or video, I'll be sure to put together a step-by-step tutorial based on what your tier is interested in! Some tutorials may include makeup, special effects prosthetics adhesion, how to make a specific prop, sewing techniques, etc!

● Free Monthly mystery cosplay or art print in the mail from my Print Store along with hand-written letter telling you what's up in my cosplay life/thanking you! (*Disclaimer! If you are outside of the US you will get your package every 2-3 months as a bundle since I can't add on extra shipping in the options here and it costs me more to ship those orders than I'd make! You will still get your prints, just as a bundle instead after payment processes!)

● Personalized Birthday/Christmas/Holiday/Happy Random Tuesday card from me! We'll be pen pals and send love in the mail to eachother! Nothing is better than getting a love letter instead of spam in the home mailbox! <3 I like to choose random cards that are not applicable to any real situation (example, sending you a 90th bday card), so get ready for a surprise!

● VIP Participation in future costume voting! THE FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS! An exclusive poll with options will be created and you will get first choice on what I create next as we journey through the cosplay world together! Ever thought I'd look good as a certain character? Now you get to voice your opinion and make it actually happen!

Tier 5 ($50 Webspinners)
$50 or more per month 3 patrons
Wow! You're in this for the long haul-- aren't you?! <3 EXTREMELY ENORMOUS THANK YOU for your support! You are one of my highest patrons of all! I'll be able to get so much done with your generous pledge, and I truly hope you'll enjoy your epic rewards too! From Gwen Stacey to you. <3

Supporters that pledge $50 or more will receive All of the above Level Rewards, PLUS:

  • Monthly google hangout session/Stream together with the other Patrons in this tier! By request, just let me know when you're free! Let's chat, draw a picture, watch a movie, or teach me something new!

  • A Monthly sketch drawing of your choice! Let's create some custom art just for you every single month! ANYTHING YOU WANT, WHATEVER YOUR FANDOM OR FAVORITE THING IS--YOU'VE GOT IT! Send me a message and we'll chat frequently about what you have in mind or like to recieve next!
  • One of a Kind signed (and smooched) Polaroid photo set just for you of one of my favorite cosplay characters!
Tier 6 ($100 Mr./Mrs. Rabbit Deluxe Package)
$100 or more per month 2 of 10 patrons
I barely have words to thank you enough for your generosity and sheer love for what I do!

You are now officially my Mr. Rabbit. Jessica Rabbit's right hand funny guy. You are top of the line in AmberSkies land!

Supporters that pledge $100 or more will receive All of the above Level Rewards, PLUS:
● One-on-One Month Long Cosplay Class! I'll walk you through step by step as you create your own cosplay, prop, or art piece from start to finish! I'll be right there entirely at your disposal each month should you need additional help! Whether it be sketching out initial design elements, picking out fabrics/materials, breaking down your build into steps, helping you research/linking you relevant information, or more! If you run into tricky situations with crafting along the way, want advice on how to best tackle an aspect of your cosplay, need a pattern drawn up for you, etc. consider it done! Whatever you need to be successful, I will be here for you as your personal art, prop, and cosplay coach for four whole weeks! We can Google hangout/stream for bits of time if you need a pep talk, or whatever it is you'd like to be a happy camper because YOU DESERVE IT!

● By request, An exclusive monthly art piece! This will be an original, one of a kind, full color mini canvas piece entirely of your choosing! Take a look at my print store sometime to see my online gallery of over 60 different paintings I've done so far to get an idea of what I bring to the table!

● Lastly, I will cosplay a character of your choosing once per year, (once I know you're committed to this tier and here to stay! No joining and quitting after a few weeks! Haha!)

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