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Thank you so much for the support this month!
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For the price of a cup of coffee a month, you get as much appreciation as the patrons with the big bucks, because our appreciation isn't monetized. You'll also get to access the Secret Patreon Place where we'll post anything blog-like because I for one would rather tell my secrets to a mutual appreciation society than to anyone else, really.
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Okay, that's at least a danish. Or a really expensive croissant. And for it you get aforementioned appreciation. With the access the Secret Patreon Place because--now that I think about it: perhaps it will be interesting to watch what happens to that place if it is kind of secret…is it like Facebook? Do you get to comment? I hope so.
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When you think about it, you have some actual monthly bills that probably look like this…bank fees, maybe? Well, we'll also be holding on to some of your money and charging you for it, but what we do with it will be so much more interesting than what the banks do. And if it isn't, please feel free to tell us about it--honestly--in the Secret Patreon Place, because I just realized so much appreciation needs to be balanced with a bit of criticism. Not for you, though. You stay golden.
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That's almost a whole twenty dollar bill! If you're willing to give us this then here's the deal: as well as the Secret Patreon Place, we'll put your name on a list called "NINETEEN FOREVER" and whenever we have a show we'll give you a pair of tickets, on us, whenever we can. Or for two friends if you're not in that place at that time.
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The answer to life, the universe, and everything! And the Secret Patreon Place! And invitations to opening nights, or seats to any show, any time, anywhere, whenever possible! And some other things I can't think of right now because I'm too blown away by the thought that someone might give us that much.
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Like it says in the box above, you get it all. One hundred per cent. We should have a conversation to see if you would like to be on our board of directors. Really, I just figured it out: if each of my Facebook friends gave a dollar a month, that would add up to your contribution so, you just made me feel like creature/creature is worth a whole other Facebook person. A whole person! Message me.
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