June 2018: What To Expect
Alrighty, ladies, gentlemen, and all friends besides-- we're almost out of the woods. As of the time of writing this, I just have one more piece of university work to submit, and then I'm done, so videos should be back on schedule for the indefinite future. Things are certainly looking up for this month, at any rate. And without further ado, those videos are:

Eurovision Video | 8th June 2018

At first, I thought that, now Eurovision is over, it'd be a great time to dive back in with full-country reviews, but then my mother suggested something that set me off on a personal rant...which I then realised might make for a very interesting Patreon video. This month, I'll be putting my own country on blast, and detailing exactly why the United Kingdom is Eurovision's biggest nuisance. I rant because I care...and no-one is safe from this one.

Bonus Video | 15th June 2018

Being as this is, a month with five Fridays, anyone pledging $3 or more will have access to the usual bonus video. This month, I'll be talking about a rather curious piece of art that was stolen from me, and why I don't intend to do anything about it. Trust me-- there's a story, here...

Gaming Video | 22nd June 2018

I've been working, behind the scenes, on a fun little infographic that I intend to publish after July, showing, in hexagon-form (like my Twitter header) what each month's Patreon video has been about this year, and I want to do that every year. Anyway, doing that has shown me that, every five or six videos, I do a Top Ten, and it's that time again; so, I'll be talking, this month, about the Top Ten BGMs in Gaming. ...Okay, I'm still working on the title. I'm not sure how best to convey, in a concise manner, "background music that might be from a level but not necessarily; just not the title theme and not the closing theme either". I'm still taking suggestions on how to word that. ...Regardless, let's face it; after the Eurovision video this month, we're all going to be needing that kind of levity...

And that's your lot for this month. I do hope that, if nothing else, my Eurovision video turns heads and gets my country to get its stuff together...and I also hope that, if the BBC sees it, they don't consider it an act of burning bridges with them. I do still sort of need a career from someone like them once I graduate..!