June 2020 release: full line up + video!

Hi fellows adventurers!

First: Click on the image above and check out the video! I fallen in love with the visuals, and the music is brilliant!

We are so very happy and excited to introduce you to our June 2020 release: the Thieves of the Shadowsands Guild ! Keep in mind that all files come PRE-supported. We think it’s a seriously amazing and kickass release ! So, turn up the sound, put it in full screen and enjoy this video ! And if you like it, share it !!!

Thanks to your great feedback and suggestions, we got really inspired and once again we went a bit crazy, you know us now ;)  

So, here's the full line up, and it's a pretty enormous one (please make sure to view this image in full size) :

Here are the 31 scenic bases included:

We hope you are as thrilled as we are, please don't hesitate to share your feedback in comments, and spread the word in your communities!

The Giant Djinn: characters attached or not?

So what do you think about this crazy giant version of the Djinn ? We created it because we thought that it would make an amazing final battle if you use these characters in one of your games: “You enter the Queen of the Guild’s room and suddenly, facing you, you see… THIS !!!” However, we have one question for you:

Would you prefer:

  • The full model in “one-piece” with the characters on flying carpets attached to it
  • A customizable version where you can insert magnets under the carpets and into the Djinn’s wind swirls to attach the characters. In that case, we would also give you small caps to fill the magnet holes if you want to use the Djinn without the flying characters

Please give us your thoughts on this one!

On Thursday, we will publish more images of this release, big still images of each character.

We really hope you like this release as we are super pumped about it :)
Tell us what you think and leave us your comments below !!!

Oh, and here's the video in case you missed it above: https://youtu.be/Y7X2Z0lLWQI?rel=0

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