June 21, 2016 SSDI Hearing update
Please pass this information along to anyone who might still identify with me as a member of their community and especially those in Las Vegas who still remember my home, enough to make some effort to ensure I am restored to remain part of

community for the future. It's not on the state to take care of me when a community member injured me. It's your loss too when I can't be me. Where's my tribe? I need them.

IF I win I may not know for 60 days which would be late August. IF I win I may not receive my money for another 60 days which would be late October. I lose this roof for the curb before July.

My options are non existent so I have to pretend i have them in case I

somehow survive this, though I'm about to lose every tool I've ever


1) keep pursuing my return to Las Vegas hoping to start my business from destitution.

2) keep pursuing my return to Las Vegas to earnestly begin pursuing legal action against DNA.


Before any of that is even possible I have to survive.

The only idea I have left, one I proposed years ago, is that I spend

the time between end of June and start of November on a West Coast Couch

Tour. That would involve coordinating with everyone I know in

Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada a schedule where i could

follow a path from here to LV in time for me to be able to finally rent a

room of my own and salvage what's left of my great work, assuming I get the SSDI.

For this to be possible someone would have to help me organize it. I simply can not do this for myself in time.

I appreciate what a drag it might appear to be, me there for a few days in this state, but I think that as soon as I get the least bit of nurturing I will blossom again.

The original idea was that I would perform material to develop for a stage worthy event when the tour was over, each host being "director" for the evening if they wanted to really help me form the material. That's simply what i recall from before, the making of lemonade for everyone I've upset with this. I have no idea what's possible now in the shape I'm in except more nothing without something to build on and with for others who'll have me.