June 3rd and June 5th updates.
**Update June 5th** -Sick and tired of having to water all of your plants? Introducing the Kappa plant! When full grown this plant stores water in the top of its stalk. Any other plants in close range will share it's water! meaning as long as the kappa is watered any other plants near it wont need watering! -Added "Small Rocks" .These will be randomly generated with each new game.This is the first object added that can be crushed by the full grown Gozar's jaws.Breaking open certain rocks can sometimes reveal rare gemstones! -Added three new gemstones that can be found in rocks, the "shadow gem" the "Crimson gem" and the "glowing amber". **Update June 3rd** 1.6.1 -Added new underling the "Gozar" These underling are often dark green in color due to the moss that grows on their body.Besides their normal diet of plants and vegetation they require a mineral to help the body battle harsh conditions, only found in rocks where the Gozar is found. They are able to crush these rocks and ingest them with their powerful jaws. Tip-Every so often a full grown Gozar will open it's mouth, when this happens you can drag any breakable item to him and he will help you find what's inside! (breakable items are not yet implemented) -Added new insect, the "Yengo Fly" these are attracted to the glowing fungus pits on a full grown Yengo's skin.These will also generate enlightenment for your garden, if you aren't in need of enlightenment you can catch them and sell for credits. -Fixed enlightenment spamming problems, enlightenment is no longer gained from watering plants. -The underling info in the field guide now has a second page, click the down arrow icon to move to the second page.