June 8th, Patreon Newsletter!
Good Day Patrons!

Well it's another week and that means more rewards!  You lucky Patrons of the podcast (thank you so much!) will find on the website aaapodcast.com the following rewards.  Just click the button that says "Patreon" along the top  bar.


Show notes for episode 279

Early access to podcast episode 279 (edited)

Unedited version of podcast 279

Custom forum titles for those of you who have not claimed theirs yet (the vast majority)

You can access these using the same passwords that were previously provided.

Next week the rewards will include:

Show notes for episode 280

Early access to podcast episode 280 (edited)

Unedited version of podcast 280

After Party following broadcast 280

Hentai episode 34 (retroactive)

Possible more (unsure)

I hope you'll continue to enjoy the rewards we are providing and thank you so much for continuing to support us!



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