June Adventure: Zombie Apocalypse, Episode One: Escape from Suburbia!
Who can play?

  • Ruby or Diamond Tier Patrons only

Rules System:
Palladium (Dead Reign, with a handful of minor tweaks)


  • Saturday, June 25th @ 6pm

Any patron can give his slot to someone else if they so wish. I will change the time/date each month a bit until we find the sweet spot with the most participation.

Available Cast Members:

  • Isabelle Dire: Survivor/Nursing Student
  • Jason Brown: Survivor/Small Businessman
  • Jose Fuentes: Survivor/Thug
  • Michael Steele: Survivor/Student of Kinesiology
  • Thom Smith: Bartender/Survivor O.C.C.
  • Natalie Brown: Country Singer
  • Patrick Shafar: Survivor/College Professor
  • Rachel Craveiro: Survivor/Waitress
  • Paul Thatcher: Professional Fisherman
  • Becky Patterson: Retail Clerk
  • LTJG Chris "FUNGUS" McGee: Survivor/Professional Driver (F/A-18 Pilot)
  • Jacqueline Price: Survivor/Lifeguard
  • Chief Donald Patterson: Survivor/Scientist


  • All characters in this series of Roll20 adventures will be pre-gens from my files.
  • Players start off with a POOL of gear and determine among themselves who gets what.
  • Some gear items have special properties in game play.
  • Characters who survive will be available in the next episode.
  • Players can earn GM tokens by doing something awesome, making the group laugh, and other cool, noteworthy stuff.
  • GM tokens can be redeemed in-game for a die re-roll applicable to anyone's roll, self, fellow player, or even the GM.
  • The player whose character survives and earns the most tokens will unlock the opportunity to play a non-survivor class character future episodes.

Reserve a specific cast member for either game date by commenting in response to this post!

Join the game by visiting this link.

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