June Adventure: Boobytrap!
On the launch day of its maiden voyage, the SDF-1 comes under attack

 from unknown, alien forces. Can you make your way to your mecha in time

to turn the tide of the battle? Or will you be squashed underfoot or

blasted to pink steam by one of the giant alien mecha?

Who can play?

  • Ruby or Diamond Tier Patrons only

Rules System:

Palladium (Robotech 2E, with a handful of minor tweaks)


  • Sunday, June 26th @ 2pm

Any patron can give his slot to someone else if they so wish. I will change the time/date each month a bit until we find the sweet spot with the most participation.

Available Cast Members:

  • Charlene "Charlie" Jones: Veritech Pilot
  • George "Cherry" Washington: Technical Officer
  • Evan "Whiskey" Williams: Veritech Pilot
  • Jack "Beanstalk" Kilazeck: Battloid Ace
  • Troy "Steel" McLean: Veritech Pilot
  • Bill "Wither" Witherspoon: Military Specialist


  • All characters in this series of Roll20 adventures will be pre-gens from my files.
  • Players start off with a POOL of gear and determine among themselves who gets what.
  • Some gear items have special properties in game play.
  • Characters who survive will be available in the next episode.
  • Players can earn GM tokens by doing something awesome, making the group laugh, and other cool, noteworthy stuff.
  • GM tokens can be redeemed in-game for a die re-roll applicable to anyone's roll, self, fellow player, or even the GM.
  • The player whose character survives and earns the most tokens will unlock the opportunity to play a non-survivor class character future episodes.

Reserve a specific cast member for either game date by commenting in response to this post!

Join the game by visiting this link.

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