June Character Jam. ENTER YOUR PROMPTS!
THIS MONTH'S THEME:  This month's theme is Favorite Comic Book Characters! Tell me what favorite comic book character of yours that you'd like to see me sketch this month.  Feel free to request them in their traditional looks, something custom, OR let me surprise you!

EXAMPLE PROMPT:  My favorite character is Psylocke from the X-men!  She's a purple-haired ninja with psychic powers that manifest as a butterfly.  I want to see her as a haute couture model!

(Psylocke actually is one of my old faves.  Loved that purple hair!  Also, NINJA.  The character in the example art is Kabuki from David Mack's Kabuki, also a cool masked secret agent ninja!)

TO ENTER:  Post your prompt here in the comments section of this post!

WINNINGS: The finished art will be given to the winner as a digital file to do whatever they like with, as long as it's for a non-profit purpose.  Use it as a sig, cover photo, avatar, whatever you like, as long as you are not making money off of it!  Any art I create can be used for display in my own portfolios or to promote my art business, but cannot be sold on any products without the winner's permission.

DEADLINE: Sunday, June 19th.  I choose the character on Monday and broadcast the jam session on Wednesday, the 22nd at 2pm!  I'll post an announcement here when I go live on my Twitch channel.

NEXT MILESTONE:  Right now, the art produced during character jams is very sketchy since I only spend an hour on it.  However, once I reach $200 in pledges, this monthly sketch will be upgraded to a fully painted digital piece with simple backgrounds and more refinement!

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