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June is my month of discipline!
Hi friends! I hope the new month is finding you hard at work on your own creative projects!

The above quote is one I run across often and always makes me smile. Writers seem to fall into two camps--those who believe in writer's block and those who believe putting your butt in a chair day after day is enough to get started on a story. I have a sneaking suspicion both are right—but both are confusing the physical act of scrawling on paper or typing with writing. Writing is not just sitting down and putting down one word after another (and later, as Twain famously said, simply crossing out all the wrong words). It’s shaping an idea, breathing a flame from a spark, making a meal from a raw cut of meat. It can’t happen if you don’t put time into it, but it also won’t happen if the spark gets dampened. You can tie yourself in knots thinking about it.

My rewards for you this month will both talk about discipline (an inept assassin short story and a travel tale about a difficult hike in China--I'll post them in a few days), and also I’ll be focusing on it in my personal life as I prepare for walking the Camino de Santiago later this month. 

Discipline is of course a factor in my creative life as well. I try to devote two hours each weekday to my own projects, and fighting to keep that time free from client work, vet appointments and the siren call of phone notifications is both a matter of keeping the sparks alit and making sure I keep this appointment with myself.

Thank you again for your support toward my my creative goals!