In late July I am photographing my first wedding! It would be great to raise enough money to be able to purchase (2) spare camera batteries, (1) 64GB SD card, (1) reflector set, (2) lens caps, (1) uv filter (1) photo booth banner prop, (1) black sequin backdrop.


The batteries, uv filter and reflector set are essential, as I am going to be taking photos for a long period (estimated 8 hours), I have just purchased a new lens and so need a uv protector for it (a small lens attachment that stops uv damaging the lens or camera sensor (like sunglasses for my camera)) and I am working outside for a good amount of the day and if it is very sunny, will need to combat harsh light.


I do own several 32GB SD cards but would like a 64GB for ease of use on the day. I don't want to miss a moment because I had to change my card.

I managed to lose a couple of lens caps on recent trips so would like to replace them. However I am very careful with my lenses and have very good camera bags to keep them safe.

Photo booth banner prop (amazon) - I'd really like to set up a small photoshoot style section at the reception of the wedding. This banner would be awesome.

Black Sequin backdrop (amazon) - I have a stand and a few backdrops but to make it extra special, I want this backdrop rather than using a standard black or white.

Thanks all for reading and do share if you want!

(Amazon wishlist)

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