June & July Newsletter
What I made in the last couple months... 



Patron-only content that you can see if you give at least $1:

  • Several new pages of my ongoing comic, Mermaid Bride Motif (NSFW, artistic nudity): 11121314. In which the merfolk fall prey to a mysterious peril, and a Sea Witch steps out.
  • calligraphy page about an equivalent of the alchemical elements inspired by newer, queerer science      
  • Microcosmic Paracosm (NSFW, artistic nudity), an alchemical illustration with symbolism I could explain for hours, but I won’t be that rude
  • That Song, a full-page Sunday funny, except the humor’s too lewd for the Sunday funnies
  • Monisters, a spread of concept sketches about a comic I might make about personal finance visualized as a monster-training adventure
  • Featherless and Fearless sketches, some loose concept sketches for two unrelated stories I’m working on. Featherless is a hard-SF alt-prehistory graphic novel. Fearless is a high-fantasy post-human folktale frolic. They’re both about being different and figuring out what it means to be human, and neither use a definition for “human” that is quite the same as what we use here.

Plus, look at how much closer we’ve gotten to new Theri There comics! If you want ‘em, you can help out, too, by chipping to my Patreon.