June/July Transparency Report
Thanks so much for another round of support, cool people! In the interest of BUSINESS INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY I'll be listing a monthly expense report for channel in regards to Patreon funds so you know exactly where your money is going.

TOTAL EARNINGS (as of MAY): - $1,321.34
+ JUNE'S EARNINGS - $648.99
+ JULY'S EARNINGS - $633.83

- $170 paid to Will for sound editing Tip of the Tongue Eps 3/4
- $2500 paid to TJ Bertino for Illustrating StiB Legend of Zelda
$2.99 paid to YouTube to rent Atlantis: Milo's Return for the Disney Sequel review since that thing was absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to pirate well.

Remaining total:  $31.17

Hot damn, look at all that money getting thrown into StiB! Now you guys see why the guaranteed monthly reward rate is so danged high! Thanks to you guys and all your wonderful support, I was able to fully finance the video through Patreon! The same won't be the case for next month and I'll be paying the commission fee myself using the majority of my channel earnings, but any help shaving some cost off the top is super appreciated!

Thank you all again! This wouldn't be possible without all of your generous support! :D