June Mid-Month Update
Hi everyone! 

As I mentioned this is a slower month for my personal output, and the timeline on what I am aiming to get accomplished is extending a little into July, it seems. I apologize for that. However:

  • I am negotiating rights for the Masks of the Mummy Kings mask art and also commissioning another two pieces for a special patron-only playsheet set. These things just take time (and huge props to Eppy for wrangling all of these artists for the Worlds Without Master release!). Regardless, I should be able to present you all with a special release, including two exclusive Masks, by the end of June or early in July. The two special Masks will be the Ibis Mask and the Patron Mask! 
  • I have notes together for a revision of Imp of the Perverse, and just need to dedicate some uninterrupted hours to revising the playtest document. This will certainly be done this month.

June has been tumultuous so I don't want to promise anything else, but thankfully July is looking like it'll be a good stretch of time that I can use mindfully to move more projects along. 
Thanks again for your support!