June Midterm Goal Report
Hello Peeps and Patrons!

As is the usual I like to do a little midterm update to my goals for the month so my patrons and followers are in the loop. 

However,I want to make a small note first on the changes to Patron rewards. While I was trying to work out how to do the special collections I realized that I was kind of already doing it with the extra character showcase so what is going to happen is I'm going to keep doing the showcase and set a minimum of like 8-10 on it each month and you can look for that character showcase the very last day of each month.

You can expect the other 2/3 of the patron rewards for the month between probably the 15th & 25th of the month.This month it's going to be one of the book exclusive TOAA posts and a case study pulled right from my book content on creating a spaceship crew. I'm going to try to put some variety into the design resource so it might be a case study or tutorial and some months maybe a downloadable like a base or anatomical reference.

As always I appreciate your continued support and look forward to the rest of the month.

Project Goals for This Month

  • A lite character request form for non-patrons  (Completed) 
  • A suggestion form for Daily characters and generators  (Completed) 
  • Patron Hub survey to vote on book cover designs for the Character Designer's Journal  (Due) 
  • Revised Goal-Being able to add a design resource to monthly patron perks  (In Progress) 
  • Combining Daily and bonus characters into one post  (Completed) 

Posts Planned for This Month

  • Weekly summaries  (In Progress) 
  • Kickstarter follow-up and/or relaunch goals  (Completed) 
  • Mid-Month Goal Recap  (Completed) 
  • Extra Character Showcase  (Due) 
  • Goal Wrap-up + Patron Report  (Due) 
  • Monthly Q & A  (Due)  
  • Patron content preview   (In Progress)   
  • Weekly "This Week in Characters" teasers  (In Progress) 
  • A look at upcoming blogs for July (Due)  
  • Fanpro Fridays  (In Progress) 

Blogs Planned for This Month

  • Thoughts of an Aspie: I Don't Want to Lie Down (Completed)  
  • Thoughts of an Aspie: Everyone has Something:The Sameness in our Differences  (In Progress)  
  • Thoughts of an Aspie: The Quest to Define Normal  (Due) 
  • Thoughts of an Aspie: A Practical Look at Emotions  (Due) 
  • Creative 5:Five Character Creation Tools That Will Actually Add to Your Design Process  (Completed)  
  • Creative 5:Five Stock Sites Worth Your Money  (Due) 

Guest Generators this Month

  • Prince Maker/Princess Maker/Princess of Doom (Doll Divine)  (Completed)  
  • Character Artist 3 Add-on for Campaign Cartographer 3  (Due)