June Newsletter

Hey guys it's me, Tim again!

Sorry for updating you guys so late! There's been a really busy month and I've finally had some time to sit down and write this up!

I’m sure you’ve seen my angry eyes tote bag if you’ve been following me on Twitter or Instagram lately. I designed it and made in a day! It's a fun reusable tote for groceries, books or just a daily light bag.

It was a lot of fun to come up with something and make so quick. It was a limited run so I only have 1 left! I only made a few because I don’t want any to go to waste! 

Last month I did a few commissions which are really cute. 

Thank you to the people who commissioned me! It was really fun to do these.

I also did a collab with my little brother Ethan. He makes music check out his Soundcloud. I animated to his music to make a small looping animation for my Instagram.

Check out the post with his music here. 

I released my Timmy Scouts sticker sheet! May patrons in the Pen Pal tier should receive it soon! (sorry for the delay). 

I think the stickers turned out really well. I’ve been thinking about these designs for a while since my scout theme for Festival of the Photocopier earlier this year. Anyways if you liked the design and wanna get some for yourself, the stickers are now also available on my store though at regular price!  

Speaking about stickers I’ve been putting my new sad dog sticker in my recent orders! It’s just a fun little extra thing to get. 

I only have a few left so the next few orders might have it included, who knows? 🤷‍♂️

I made an animation with my bud Tom for LoopdeLoop animation fest. The theme was “baby” and Tom came up with the very funny idea of a baby playing Fortnite on an iPad. I came up with the designs and we both animated half each! 

It turned out pretty good and people seemed to like it on the night of the screening. You can watch it here! And follow tom on Instagram here! 

My art piece for my show this month is looking good! The idea is to do a mixed media sculpture. It’s gonna be a chubby version of an old flip style mobile phone that opens and closes by itself. It’ll have some animation on the screen when it's opened.

It’s made out foam and felt and I’ve used an Arduino to power the screen and servo motor. It's still a work it progress but it's really starting to look promising. Stay tuned I’ll definitely talk about how the art show goes in the next newsletter. 

In other news I've been skating more and more now I'm really confident in pushing on my board and I've also bought a helmet cause I don't wanna smash my skull! 

I’m gonna try and fill it up with stickers!

Anyways, next month’s sticker sheet is gonna be space themed! I’m really excited for this set and I’ve tried to make them the best to work on their own as well as together. Do you think we can meet aliens sometime soon? 👽

These will be sent out to Pen Pal patrons who supported me in the month of June! If you wanna get these stickers you can support me just for one month to get it at a cheaper price, I don't mind at all! 

That’s all I have to share for this newsletter. There’s still some stuff I’m not ready to show yet so stay tuned! ✌️

Thanks for reading my monthly update! Stay safe and wear a helmet people! ⛑

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