Since I am still at the mercy of my book contracts, as my actual job, and had to put off starting any audio drama so far, i want to make sure to get something to all my supporters to keep you feeling like you're getting something.

Honestly, I hope I can build the platform to a point where I can do more - or else do so well with the current book project that i get more assignments directly from Audible and can therefore afford a bit more free time, since being in this limbo place between "no spare time" and "funded enough to take time to do audio drama" is very awkward, and I feel like it's less than rewarding to my supporters - and yet there's really nothing I can do about it, just yet.

Anyway, I want to set a goal for something in june I can reasonably deliver, regardless of other stuff.  So, I'm thinking as a June bonus for all patreon supporters, I will record another story I've been meaning to record and make it exclusive.  

I have to finish the big special contract first, but I'm thinking The White People by Arthur Machen - any objection?