Ok, so I know it's late in June, but I want to try to actually finish this one before the end of the month. This month I'm going to be doing a short series (4 pictures, probably) of my yoshi girl, Raisa eating someone, and then popping them out in an egg. Reference: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8089841/ I'd like that someone to be a patron, if there's enough interest. I'm thinking that the series will go like this: 1: Raisa is teasing the prey, maybe they want it, maybe they don't. Maybe she's licking them or something. 2: Prey is half-down Raisa's throat, squirming and such, maybe. 3: Prey is fully inside of the yoshi girl's gut, a wriggling bulge. 4: Raisa is straining and clearly enjoying pushing out a large spotted egg. 5? Egg is broken open with dizzy looking prey inside. Opinions? interest?
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