June Release Teaser

I am happy to announce that the first installment of the guide is now available. As you can see the first June release provides a little bit of everything to give you an impression of things to come. Below you find some answers to questions you may have:

What do I have in store for Patrons? 

As you know the guide is the centerpiece of my Patreon campaign. My goal is to create a themed scale modelling guide that will be updated with each new content post on my blog DaggerAndBrush and on Patreon. Eventually this booklet will contain all the information you may need to run and build a campaign set in the “Weeping Forest”. The setting is generic enough to suit different roleplaying games with an emphasis on well-developed characters and relationships between factions, none of them simply black or white.

The world is reminiscent of medieval northern Europe; a harsh, heavily forested land where humans have only a loose foothold. The Margravate of Greifshold is a young colony of the empire that has to persevere with unruly Gnoll tribes in the mountains to the north, as well as the indigenous human clans it subdued a century ago. An old evil seems to regain its strength, as the undead once more haunt long forgotten ruins deep inside the forest left by a once proud elven people.

Engrossing background stories set in these lands, tactically challenging encounters with stat blocks for a selection of RPG’s, advice for GM’s and suggestions for treasures will be provided.

To enable you to use released content right away I intend to add new stand-alone encounters that you can use in your own campaign. However, in the end they will all be connected through a story arc. 

Matching encounter and campaign maps will be provided, too. You can use them with your existing collection of miniatures or counters. Again these can be used as stand-alone maps or in combination with the encounters and background. 

Encounters will contain some recommendations for appropriate miniatures to depict your opponents and a painting or conversion guide, but depending on your play style the use of painted miniatures is entirely optional. 

Finally I believe that anybody can make beautiful terrain given time, aptitude and most importantly a detailed step-by-step tutorial. Thus another important element of this booklet is a terrain building guide. I focus on terrain that will be useful for the campaign setting, but if you are a wargamer, scale modeler or GM it will be equally useful for any of the rule systems you might enjoy.

Tool recommendations are followed by in-depth tutorials on crafting different species of trees, long forgotten ruins and crypts, eerie graveyards and burial mounds. Caves, lakes and rivers above and below ground will be covered, too. Patrons can also influence the contents and vote which direction the guide takes.


If you think this is for you consider joining the Order of the Brush. Whatever you do wield your brush with honour!

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