June Release Preview

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Want to see it in 4K Video instead? https://youtu.be/7Kb8pn7rhrQ

May was an amazing month for us! CobraMode models and paints won prizes in the MPO contest, we had several awesome videos from big name YouTubers like Ninjon, Geek Gaming Scenics, and Obscurities in Miniature, and we had our biggest release ever. Thanks so much to all our patrons, old and new, for your amazing support! We couldn't have done it without your kind comments, posts of prints and paints on Reddit, Instagram, and Facebook, and your hilarious jokes in the Discord :)  If you haven't joined the Cobra Chat yet, check out the instructions here. We have 3d Printing help, painting channels, and some of the friendliest patrons around, so why not join? 

This month we're exploring the Twilight Forest, which is the home of the creepy and mildly sinister Noctuoidea and their nemeses, the Fidelium. They have an amazing history that you can read about in the CobraCompendium. Erin and I actually played a game of Microscope during quarantine in order to flesh out their back story! Our feature sculpt this month, the Noctuoidea Pontifex (dubbed the Moth Pope during development), is a massive multipart print that's perfect for those of you who love a challenge. All of our figures this month are roughly human size 35mm, so you can just imagine how big Psilomonedes is...

We also have wonderful bases and terrain from TheBetaMarie, our superstar sculptor from our very own Discord! Make sure to check out her stuff on MyMiniFactory and show her some love :) She also made the mystery models that we're saving for the Summer Solstice on June 20th, so make sure you check back near the end of June to see the big reveal!
Our Painting Contest for June is going to have some really cool prizes this time around too. We're still finalizing everything, but watch out for the announcement soon 😎

CobraShare, our cloud service for distributing the files, is getting sooooo close to being done! SneakyCrow has been working nonstop on getting it ready. We were hoping that we could launch at the end of May, but some unexpected issues came up (as usual). But! I think we will be starting to test with some patrons very soon. Stay tuned!
This month's Lore:
The Pteropodea are a bat-like people who reside in the upper canopy of the Twilight Forest. Adept and nearly silent fliers, they are able to navigate the darkness and numerous obstacles using echolocation. Their agility and reflexes in the air are impressive, and they spend most of their time in the air or hanging upside-down from the upper reaches of enormous trees. The villages of the Pteropodea are small and scattered, and composed of woven pods and platforms that hang from the upper reaches of trees. They have no co-operation with the Noctuoidea, as they reside outside of The Rituals. As such, the two usually avoid each other, as most encounters are likely to end in death for either side.
Pteropodea are excellent hunters, but most of their diet usually consists of fruit and mushrooms.
Nycterix, Pteropodea Assassin - Silent and swift, Nycterix is a formidable assassin. Though she’s rather slow on land, from the air she can swoop down on a target before they even know she’s there. Her lightning fast reflexes allow her to dodge and change directions in flight without missing a beat, and echolocation (an ability of all Pteropodea) allows her to sense things even on the darkest night under the Twilight Forest’s canopy.
Pyrina, Fidelium Tamer - Pyrina may look cutesy, but is utterly devoid of morals. Relying on telepathy and training, she enjoys commanding her Lacerum insect companions to dismember her enemies. The Sciurimia, a squirrel/monkey-like creature, is similarly deceiving. Cute and cuddly, they can be incredibly aggressive, and are known to have a nasty infectious bite. Pyrina is one of the few Fidelium who dares to tame them because of this. Nobody disputes her skill at taming, although many question her sadistic usage of the tamed animals.
Acharya, Noctuoidea Mage - Like Psychidae, Acharya has also completed the Trial of Thirteen, the ritual that begins the mutations that help better attune mages to Divalia’s power. However, unlike her fellow mage, Acharya prefers speed and agility. Using a mix of close-range spells and a swift scimitar, Acharya is a bit of a brawler-mage. The scimitar, made of metals mined from Divalia’s fallen corpse, acts as both a magical focus and a weapon. Though not as fanatical as a Speculatore, nor devout as a Priestess, Acharya does prefer to follow the rules - even when she has doubts about how correct or fair those rules are.
Psilomonedes, Noctuoidea Pontifex - The Supreme Pontiff, Head of the Rituals and Beloved of the Goddess, Psilomonedes was chosen by Divalia to lead the Noctuoidea. Marked by her extreme and divine mutations, she is recognized as the current avatar of the moon goddess. She is rarely seen even by other Noctuoidea, and spends most of her time in contemplation within the Chamber of the Ancients, buried deep underground in the ruins of the old capital. It is the Priesthood’s duty to care for her earthly needs and convey her will to the Vicars, who are tasked with carrying out the wishes of the goddess.

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