[June Reward] 3-part tutorial
I just finished recording the footage for a 3-part voice-over video tutorial in which I'm showing you how to render a glass bottle, a wine glass and a human eye ball.

I will be talking you through every step of the process: Starting with setting up your canvas, gathering reference images, analyzing them, create a basic sketch, blocking colors and finally refining/detailing.

Workshop Patrons will get:

 ♡ Layered PSD

♡ 3 HD videos (totalling 01h38m real-time footage including voice-over)

♡ Process steps

♡ All the brushes I've used for this tutorial

All rewards will be distributed via Patron Message in the first week of July, after payments are processed.

This tutorial is unlike any previous ones I made, as I feel I've gotten better at explaining my working methods. I really hope you'll give this one a try and share your creations with me on Twitter or my Patreon feed :)

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