Thanks for another month of support, everyone!

As you can see, the "Bubble Incident" pin-up is finished! I have personally found in my life that corgis are central to most disasters, so I went with that! I had another fun, but slightly less disastrous (and bubbly) idea involving Buddy... so I decided to make that into a bonus variant for this month's issue of Extra.

Here's what's new in rewards this month!

All Backers

- The poll to pick this month's two bonus pieces will go out shortly. You have until June 13th to vote!

S&F Extra Backers

A new 38-page issue of Sam and Fuzzy Extra is headed your way early next week, including:

- Sketches and making of the X v Y and Bubble Incident pieces

- Exclusive 'alternate incident' and solo X and Y variants

- A smattering of Zootopia, Futurama, Pokemon, and other fan art

- A couple other fun surprises!

Art Vault Backers

There are now over 1200 files in the vault! A new link will be dm'd to you early next week. New additions this month include:

- A few pre-webcomic gag strips in Comics - Classic

- A bunch of retro Misc Sam and Fuzzy Art

- 3 new Desktop backgrounds

- High res images of everything in this month's Extra, plus layered PSDs of the X v Y and Bubble Incident pieces

Until next time, friends!

-Sam Logan