June Shingworks tutorial is up!
Hi guys,

The June tutorial is available now, as well as all of the supplement material that goes along with it. This was a fun but also challenging tutorial to make, since I was really trying to keep the advice geared to web writers... balancing pacing with update scheduling, post size and real life can be a struggle sometimes (for example, me right now HAHA) but I think the advice here will apply to any online comic writers regardless of genre, schedule or style.

The supplement that goes along with it is 9 pages this month, and has some practical problems you might come across while writing as well as some suggestions for thinking critically about the work of your peers. As usual I tried to keep it focused on you, the learner, and help you develop general tools that can help in a variety of situations :]

The poll to vote for July's tutorial is now open here! And you can always write in your own for inclusion in next month's poll (I added in some good suggestions from last time into this one)

And, soon I'll be posting a batch of 10 (new!) in-progress pages from TM and MI for Patrons of every level, so there's that to look forward to as well :]

Thanks for your support and hope you are enjoying everything~


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