June Status Update
Hey everyone, sorry about the silence, it's been a really busy June for me! My family's finally been able to plunk down the money on a house (rent-to-own), which we hope to move into by the end of the month. I've been busy with moving stuff, but I'm still writing. Just, it's been hard, doing moving stuff, and working full time (plus the overtime I'm going to be working soon because I need the money bad) and writing. So expect the writing to be a little delayed. I'll try to stick hard to that schedule from July on, but this moving has been a huge disruption to me.

At any rate, either today or tomorrow, hopefully, expect a side-story update.

Around the 20th, expect Chapter 39, and around the 30th, expect Chapter 40.

I hope to be able to take time out in July to finish editing the book. We'll see!

Thank you so much for your support. It's been a rough couple months but I'm hoping there's light at the end of this tunnel now that I'm moving to a new place and am able to get that load of stress off my shoulders finally! Take care y'all.